Bokhowa Group is your reliable partner for innovation efficient and High quality Tools, Machines and Construction equipment and material. We bring worlds most renowned brands and materials to the kingdom to ease your job while ensuring quality and precision is achieved. At Bokhowa Group we deliver our customers the best products available at reasonable price. Our products and services meet the fast growing and challenging demand of the construction and development sectors. We are dedicated to achieve highest customer satisfaction through the quality and reliability of our products and services. Our well trained staff  is available to provide timely service to our esteemed clients.

Safety Products

·         Pioneer Safety Shoes-OEM Brand

·         Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets

·         Helmet

·         Vests and Coveralls

·         Harnesses

·         Mask and Ear Plugs


·         Frame Anchor Screws-Allafa

·         Brass Wood Screws

Professional Power Tools

·         Rotary Drills

·         Impact Drills

·         Circular Saws

·         Jigsaws

·         Demolition Hammers

·         Routers

·         Planers and Blowers


·         BOSCH

·         FIAC

·         PIONEER

·         FT

·         FORCE

·         ALLFA